Due to the fact that we sell food products and other perishable goods, ALL SALES ARE FINAL for ALL products from our online store. Additionally, we are charged for all merchant fees at the time of purchase and cannot get these back. However, if your order is damaged or incorrect, please contact us immediately at [email protected] so we can make it right.

Since we’ve received concerns from many customers regarding the possibility of receiving previously opened, worn, or other returned merchandise, we do not accept ANY returns at this time. This was our policy prior to the pandemic, but fully enforce now to ensure everything we sell on our site is brand new and has never been in another customers hands and returned.

For damaged or incorrect orders, You MUST contact us within 5 business days of delivery of your shipment at [email protected] regarding a damaged or incorrect order you have received. You MUST KEEP any damaged shipment (including the box and all contents) until we resolve the Claim with our shipper. In the past we have submitted damage claims with only photographs and the insurance claim has been denied due to not keeping the originally shipped items and box.

Need help?

Contact us at [email protected] for any additional questions.